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  Residency Periods

2013 Residencies at Residencia en la Tierra Residencia en la Tierra invites artists and creators to participate in the call for the 2013 residency periods.

Season One: July 1 to August 15

Season Two: December 15 to January 30 (2014)

Season One. Man in residence. July 1 to August 15. The subject of how humans affect spaces and how spaces affect us back has prompted Residencia en la Tierra’s team to develop several projects. Firstly, it has led us to work on Residencia’s main goal: to provide an ideal place for artistic creation while, at the same time, having this place transformed by the work carried out within. Motivated by our experience with artistic residency and by our reflection on human space and the work we do at Residencia, we have developed the curatorial project “Residir: de la ventana hacia adentro, de la ventana hacia afuera” (www.elresidir.org). Now we want to open this debate on man and space to residency artists. We seek interdisciplinary projects that, in one way or another, address the question of how humans reside on earth.

Season Two. Languages on Earth. December 15 to January 30 (2014). During this season we want to focus on the internal dynamics of the arts. We are calling for projects that, in their own way, reflect on the language in which they are composed. We look forward to drawing projects that reflect on the act of drawing; photography projects that talk about photography. Projects that explore their own language to its fundamental essence, either to struggle against their own technique and take it to its most extreme consequences, or to reveal and expose their internal processes.

Artists and creators over 18 years old, of any nationality, who want to develop an individual project in a collective space, can participate. To enter fill out the form.

Please specify the season which you want to participate in. For each season Residencia en la tierra will choose 12 artists, and the team will help them to manage grants (according to nationality, discipline, interest) or will direct them to specific contacts that can help them to fund their tickets and stay at Residencia en la Tierra.

Artists with self-funded projects or who have their own financing options must also fill out the form. Projects will be received up to 15 March 2013. Selected artists will be notified by 30 March 2013 in order to start the grant’s management.

What does Residencia en la Tierra offer?
- Full accommodation and services (3 meals per day)
- Shared Workspace (outdoor, workshop space)
- Laundry once a week
- Interdisciplinary creative meetings
- Logistic management of all Residencia activities
- Opportunity to project one’s work and enter into dialogue
- Logistical and operational assistance in projects
- Access to Residencia en la Tierra’s worldwide network (partnering art residencies, cultural institutions, curators and participating artists).
- Opportunities to conduct inspirational workshops or laboratories

What are the responsibilities of Residencia en la Tierra?
- Engagement of significant artists in creative meetings
- Linking of artists, curators and cultural managers
- Assistance/Mentorship
- Production of an annual publication documenting the two residency periods
- Exchanges with other artist residencies
- Organizing “Show and Tell” sessions

What do we expect from Artists in Residence?

-To work and concentrate on the development of their project
-Participation in artist discussions and workshops
-Socialization and presentation of portfolio for sharing of experiences and information

Note: there´s no internet connection. If you want you can bring a mobile wireless connection.



Montenegro - Quindío - Colombia // info@residenciaenlatierra.org